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We have plenty of exciting news to share with you this month, read on for recipes, event announcements and much more!  News from the World of Bees! THE FUTURE OF BEEKEEPERS AROUND THE WORLD:

Leaving the UK with a no deal Brexit could leave local honey producers struggling to keep up with supply and demand says Luke, a beekeeper, from the Northumberland Honey company in England. Since 95% of honey sold in the UK is from other countries, Luke hopes a new generation of people interested in Apiary will be born to help meet the demand of honey production. He hopes to have an apprentice to learn the ways of this industry before March 29th when they are scheduled to leave the EU. Luke runs his business with his wife and just one other member of staff, yet they produce up to 6 tons of honey every year and keep hundreds of thousands of bees. We are exceptionally lucky in Canada to have so much interest in this booming industry, and that reflects on all the newly added College courses in Apiary and Apitherapy, bee friendly cities and a personal priority of Canadians to buy local honey.

Product of the Month
Begin your allergy treatment now with local Bee Pollen and take preventative measures which will reduce your reaction to airborne pollens come spring and summer!  Planet Bee is proud to offer local Okanagan Allergy Defense Pollen.

SHOP ONLINE March Hive Update
  Our bees have been hunkered down for a very cold February eagerly awaiting warmer days where they can stretch their wings and take cleansing flights.  We’ve had to suppliment our hives’ dietary needs with honey and water mixture to ensure they don’t starve.

Sunday April 28th

The 2nd Annual Bee Friendly Gardening Day @ Planet Bee! Bee-Friendly Flowers for Purchase Learn about pollinators in a free lecture! Prizes, food, fun for the whole family! A Portion of all Sales will be Donated to a Honeybee Charity!

Bee pollen avocado SMASH
     2 Slices of bread of choice Tahini 2 Black Garlic gloves 1 Avocado Half a lemon Bee pollen (optional)  Salt, Pepper, Chili flakes & Cayenne to flavor

DIRECTIONS Toast your two slices of bread ​Spread on a layer of tahini and sprinkle with cayenne pepper  Crush black garlic, and spread on top of tahini  Slice avocado and lay across toast and lightly smash with fork  Drizzle ample lemon on top  Sprinkle over a light spread of Planet Bee bee Natural Allergy defense Bee Pollen  Season with salt, pepper & chili flakes to taste
Bee-Friendly Tip of the Month
Tip – Getting ready for spring gardening?
Some flowers may deter bees from going to your garden!

Read about flowers bees like and dislike:tell me more !   – Choose Double Flowers: flowers with lots of overlapping petals, like roses, ranunculus, carnations, and impatiens are less attractive to bees, because it is more difficult for them to access the pollen inside. Bees prefer simple flowers with just one ring of petals.

– Early Bloomers: early blooming plants like crocus, hyacinth, and snowdrops attract bees because there is a shortage of competing food sources early in the year.
Read More here on how to bee-ready your Garden!

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