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The Buzz at Planet Bee on June 5th!
Welcome to The Buzz at Planet Bee, your monthly newsletter for all of the hive happenings at the honey farm!

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We have plenty of exciting news to share with you this month, read on for recipes, event announcements and much more!  News from the Farm! Father’s Day Gift Ideas   Father’s Day is just around the corner and we are excited to offer you some natural and honey filled options for your man on the special day!

-Don’t Kill my Buzz T-Shirt
-Oak & Honey Rapture Mead
-Natural BodyCare from our ‘Let it Bee’ line
-Bee Propolis to stay healthy!
-Honeycomb for the Honey-loving Dad


Product of the Month
We have added two new varieties of local natural soaps! In addition to our ‘Bee Sparkling’ we are introducing ‘Bee’s Garden’ and ‘Bee Wonderful’!

We’ve also swapped the plastic labels for new recycled paper ones, as part of our sustainability mission.

Shop Online June Hive Update  June, the most beautiful season in the beehive...
Populations have been building up rapidly, food consumption is high and with it comes swarming season.   The beekeeper’s challenge is always to reach peak populations at the beginning of the honey flow despite all the variations that Mother Nature can throw their way.  Hives should be inspected every 10 – 14 days for healthy brood in all stages, adequate food reserves to get through a week or 10 days without nectar flows, checking and destroying swarm cells and providing additional space for brood rearing and honey storage.  One of my favorite techniques for super-ing and moving the bees through the queen excluder is to under-super the second brood chamber and then reverse the brood chambers (after about 3 weeks) before putting on the excluder and first honey super. 
Enjoy the rewards of your efforts.
  -Beekeeper Ed
Mashed Yams with Honey Bee Pollen Dressing
   Ingredients 6 sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed
2 tbsp butter (or any vegan option such as ghee, olive oil etc.)
3 tbsp Planet Bee Orange Blossom Honey (or your favourite Planet Bee Honey!)
1 tbsp lime juice
1 tsp black pepper
1-2 tbsp Planet Bee Pollen- natural allergy defense (save for very end)  
Directions Boil yams until soft, mash by hand until smooth (if you like them chunky don’t blend until completely soft). Spread out in bowl or serving platter. Mix all other ingredients (except for pollen) to make the dressing in a bowl.
Drizzle dressing over yams and then sprinkle the Bee Pollen all over for a beautiful effect! Yum!   Click to SHOP ONLINE for Planet Bee’s Bee Pollen June Events
  June 8 -Kelowna Farmer’s Market.
Join us on Saturday June 8th from 9am – 1pm at the corner of Springfield Rd. and Dillworth Drive where we will be sampling and selling a selection of our Honeymoon Mead! Learn More

June 15 -Vernon’s Sunshine Festival.

Join us on Saturday June 8th from 9am – 5pm for the annual Downtown Vernon street market on 30th avenue Vernon – fun for the whole family! We will have a selection of Honey, Mead, and other products!  Learn More
Bee-Friendly Tip of the Month
  Tip – Don’t Fear the Swarm!

June is a common time of year to witness swarms of honeybees who have outgrown their space and are looking for a new home.

Did you know? Swarms are actually the most docile time to encounter honeybees as they have no hive to defend and are not defensive.

Stay Tuned for our next newsletter: Wednesday July 3rd, 2019