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St. John’s Wort and Bee Propolis Ointment

It shouldn't be surprising when we find a product that actually does what we're told it will do. With all the ad claims of "magic bullet" cures for what ails you out there, it's difficult not to be skeptical of a product's true value.

I have had lower back pain and sciatic pain for many years and have tried about everything to help relieve the discomfort. Unfortunately, finding a product that works for me has been fruitless - until finding "St. John's Wort and Bee Propolis Ointment" at PLANET BEE.

I owe a big thanks to Kathi who recommended I try "St. John's Wort and Bee Propolis Ointment" for my back pain.

I'm sure a lot of people will doubt my claims, but I was amazed at the near instant relief I got from the first time I used it. Aside from the pain relief and the fact that it's a natural product, the best thing is making others aware of its value.

To name just a few whom I've given samples and recommendations: my daughter for sciatica; my son for muscle aches and pain, my 100 year old Grandmother with arthritic knees; and other family members, friends and coworkers...and they have all experienced pain relief to some degree.

Thanks again, I am a beeliever!

Carl Zofchak


Carl Zofchak