Honey Revolution – Restoring the Health of Future Generations


Honey Revolution – Restoring the Health of Future Generations

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Join The Honey Revolution and:

    • Learn why honey is the sweetener of choice for diabetics.
    • Discover how honey can help you sleep better and wake up more refreshed.
    • Understand how honey will help you lose weight and reduce body fat.
    • Find out how honey reduces metabolic stress and lowers the risk for insulin resistance, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension.
    • Get the facts on sugar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and artificial sweeteners.


    • The substitution of small amounts of honey for the current consumption of large amounts of sugar or HFCS could reap enormous individual and public health benefits. The Honey Revolution needs to be read by every dietitian, nutritionist, health care professional, trainer and athlete.
      by Ron Fessenden, MD, MPH and Mike Mclnnes, MRPS

      Medical References:


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