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Honey Farm & Gift Shop
5011 Bella Vista Road
Vernon, British Columbia
V1H 1A1 Canada

Honey Bee Services
Call us for help with pollination or swarming issues.


Planet Bee Honey Farm


Visitor Info
Planet Bee Hours: Open all year with extended summer hours. See Visitor Info page for details.

During your visit to Planet Bee you can watch live honeybees busily working behind glass in a live bee display performing their amazing Bee Dance and producing their numerous nutritional products which can enhance our well being.

Products and Shopping
Browse and shop at your leisure in the sweetness of our country store and discover the "Treasures of the Hive" that have been renowned since ancient times as some of the most beneficial natural health products on the planet.

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Customer Comments
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Tours 'n Tasting
Visit Planet Bee and see live honeybees busily working behind glass in demonstration bee hives producing their numerous nutritional products.

Although summer is the best season for observing the bees at work, Planet Bee is open all year and bees are still observed in their glass hives during winter

Book an educational presentation with one of our Bee-loving staff and learn all about these marvelous insects and their intriguing social structure that has survived for millions of years. You can visit our safely contained indoor observatory, and also watch the opening of the hive on select days throughout July and August.


2015 Honey Harvest

As our busy summer season winds down, we are happy to announce this summer's honey harvest is being bottled and will be ready for sale very soon!

Some old favourites are back, such as Raspberry, Cranberry, and Dandelion Blossom.

We currently have only a few jars of last years Fireweed Blossom left, but we should have the new crop bottled and for sale by the end of October.

There is also a new variety on the way, Sweet Clover. This hard to isolate nectar has an unusually high Glucose to Fructose ratio, making it crystallize very slow and taste generally less sweet. Not to be confused with Red Clover, Sweet Clover is a favourite among honey enthusiasts and always worth saving!

We would also like to mention that although we did get lots of honey back, this was actually a pretty poor year for the bees due to abnormally warm/early spring and an extremely hot/dry summer.
As a result, we were unable to classify any of our local honey to the level of Okanagan Gold that we reserve for only the best from our bees, and therefore will be discontinuing this variety until next fall.

Come on in and try some fresh honey today!

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Dry Skin Season

Suffering from seasonal dry skin this winter?

Try one of our all natural lotions:

  1. Bee Beautiful: Regular hand and body lotion.
  2. Bee Healing: Specifically for dry, damaged skin.
  3. Bee Durable: For hard-working hands that need all day protection.
Very persistent dry, cracked skin on hands and feet? Try our Propolis Ointment!

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